Saturday, 30 March 2013

Billiam and Beraldine

Pictures of my characters Billiam and Beraldine I put together for the pitch for my graduate film. It was going to be mixed media, but now it is entirely in stop motion. Billiam is getting strangled by a yeti and Beraldine is chasing a bunny who has run away with a radio toaster... I guess you kind of have to see the film.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Doomsday Cut Out Animation.

This is a cut out animation I did when in Norway on exchange during a two week cut out course. It's meant to have a voice-over, but... I never did it. It's a public information film about the end of the world explaining that everyone will be sent into space until further notice to escape the Earth blowing up. Pretty standard thing, really. Happens all the time. Anyway, sorry that there is no dialogue actually explaining this. Instead, watch the animation and have fun. It was animated in a day which is why it has that lovely "budget" feel to it. I would also like to point out that it isn't meant to be this blurry, I just don't know how to upload it in any other way... 


A picture depicting a scene from my graduate film where everything goes wrong and there is chaos and a robot on fire. It's great. I won't explain the story, because I like the picture to conjure up a story on its own. Not sure what kind of story the picture actually conjures. 


I draw bunnies because bunnies are a classic. When I put together my pitch for my graduate film, there were always going to be some rabbits involved. Here are some of them.

Carl Smith

A character of mine with many different personalities. Who is the real Carl Smith? I just don't know.